Bringing teams together through yoga.


Small group yoga in the workplace offers a great opportunity to bond as a team in a creative, fun and playful way. Choose to have sessions before work, during lunch breaks or after the working day.

Yoga is proven to help improve employee health at work by boosting productivity and energy levels, managing and lowering stress levels, lifting team morale and counteracting the effects of a day of sitting and desk work.

Following a chat on the phone or over a cuppa, I listen to the needs and objectives of your company and staff, before devising a tailored plan to meet these. Whether that’s exploring mindfulness to increase productivity or to create a physical release in the body, yoga in the workplace is a fantastic inclusion to your company’s wellbeing program.

Availability + Costs

I can travel to your London-based office, clinic or workspace and offer yoga to your team (priced below) in an room/space that is available.

1 hour    |    £70

Longer sessions are available. I offer a 10% discount for a block of 5 sessions.

Please contact me for more information and availability.